Lord Markelhey

Lord Warden of Fallcrest


Lord Faren Markelhay is a tall human, aged forty. A veteran of many skirmishes of against belligerent demihumans, in his younger days he lead from the front line, inspiring his troops to great feats of martial prowess with a keen grasp of strategy and tactics.

He has four children, the two eldest by his late first wife; Ernesto, 18; and Tallah, 16. Ernesto is living in the court of a king in a southern realm.

His current wife is Lady Allende Markelhay, ten years his junior; their children are Julietta, 12; and Oscar, 8.

His primary motivation is to secure a series of alliances with the varied settlements around the Vale; he fears that the Southern Kingdoms might try to annex the area before too long.

Lord Markelhey

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